It’s time for a change!

I am running for Milwaukee Public School Board Member of District 4 because it is time for a change. We need a change in the quality of education that is offered to the students of District 4. There are so many obstacles to providing quality education in District 4: lack of  funding and concern for our students, parents, and educators are key factors in the disparities between Milwaukee School District 4 and other parts of the city.


When I'm on the board, I'm going to fight for four things - I call them The Four Points for District 4:

  1. Ensure quality education for children of color.

  2. Fight for public schools.

  3. Green New Deal for MPS.

  4. Democratize education.

Let me tell you more about them...



Once elected, I will advocate and lobby to ensure quality education for children of color by reinstating Music and Arts as mandatory parts of the student curriculum. Music and art serve as therapy for students who have tremendous life obstacles to overcome. Removing creative opportunities from our community of learners is a huge hindrance to providing a quality education.


Too often, our black students do not get the quality education they deserve.  We need to empower our black students and their educators so we can ALL benefit from public schools.  In addition, black students deserve an environment that supports their health – with quality and healthy food programs, mental health support in the schools instead of an unqualified police presence, and buildings free from toxic infrastructure such as lead and particulate matter, which affect the community of color disproportionately.



I will fight for public schools and hold charter schools accountable. Our community-owned public schools are under threat from privatization efforts. We need to strengthen our public school system in Milwaukee by keeping funds in MPS through an Accountability Clause for charter schools that are funded by MPS. My campaign manager, Tyra Thomas, has worked previously within charter schools and has a bird-eye perspective into the damage that charter schools have caused for MPS funding and test scores.


I will implement a Green New Deal for MPS by working to achieve MPS’ energy independence from fossil fuels and providing every student with an environment that supports their health. This includes providing high quality, healthy foods; providing mental health support instead of an unqualified police presence; and removing toxic infrastructure like lead.  


 I will democratize education by opening up school decision making to all stakeholders – parents, students, school staff, and community members. I will advocate for participatory budgeting and a citizen policy initiative process to bring decision making power to regular people. Everyone will have a voice that will be heard and valued to ensure that MPS does justice to the education of the bright and intelligent students who live in District 4.

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